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Service Frequently Asked Questions in Irvine, CA

Tuttle-Click Hyundai answers your FAQ about service

At Tuttle-Click Hyundai in Irvine, we care about our customers and their vehicles, which is why we always strongly encourage owners and lessees to bring their Hyundai in for regular service.

Why does service matter?

The new vehicle you've bought or leased to drive around Santa Ana is very reliable, but that doesn't mean the relationship doesn't involve some work. Just like you need to keep an eye on your house over the years and pay for upkeep, the same is true for your vehicle.

With the help of our trained Hyundai service technicians, we'll be able to perform the necessary inspections and repairs on your Hyundai sedan, hatchback, or SUV, and keep it running smoothly so you can consistently and confidently commute to work from your home in Laguna Beach.

What are common services?

  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotations
  • Alignments
  • Battery checks and replacement
  • New wiper replacement
  • Fluid top-off's and flushes
  • Spark plug changes
  • Brake inspection
  • State Inspection
  • Filter changes
  • A/c and heating repair
  • Software updates
  • Engine repair

These are just a "few" of the many repairs we can help you with at our service center. Below we'll go over three that we do daily for customers from Costa Mesa and beyond.

Oil Changes

Engine oil helps lubricate the engine and other parts of the vehicle and keeps everything from overheating.

  • Most vehicles need to come in every 7,500-miles/12-months (whichever comes first) for an oil change
  • Skipping this basic yet crucial service can lead to engine overheating and warping issues, and engine repairs can cost thousands to fix

Even though this service is basic, we strongly believe shoppers should come into our Certified Hyundai service center instead of a business's Jiffy Lube. Not only has that particular company suffered major issues within the last few years in California, but they don't have the same in-depth Hyundai knowledge or systems that we have at our dealership. And since your vehicle was an investment to make living in Mission Viejo easier, it pays to put it into good hands.

Tire Service

Tire tread is important and helps with traction. This is especially true when it's raining, but tread is also crucial when it's sunny out and the roads are dry.

  • If your tire tread is low, we can help you order a new set of tires for your Hyundai
  • To help your tires last longer, we'll perform tire rotations and necessary alignments

Most shoppers need new tires every three years. Even if your treads are still in good shape due to low-mileage driving, tires can still suffer unseen structural problems and should be replaced after five years.

Battery Care

Batteries work hard, especially in hot and sunny California. Here are signs you might need a new battery, that way you can get a replacement before it dies unexpectedly.

  • You've had your current battery for three years
  • Your vehicle turns over slower than usual
  • You notice the lights flickering and the radio going in and out
  • You've had to jump your battery a few times already

You might be tempted to buy a cheaper generic battery from a local mechanic or store, but once again we encourage you to stick with a Genuine Hyundai Battery. It'll work better with your Hyundai model and last long.

Visit the other pages for more in-depth information on these and other common services you might need for your new Hyundai model. Then schedule an appointment, check to see if there are any available service or parts specials, and then stop into our dealership to get the issue looked at or have us go through the scheduled maintenance so you know the current status of your Hyundai!