Professional Maintenance Your Vehicle Needs, Courteous Service You Deserve

You wouldn't go to just any doctor for a toothache, you'd go to the doctor who specializes in teeth, your dentist. The same reasoning applies to servicing your Hyundai vehicle. You shouldn't take it to just any garage, you should take it to the experts who specialize in Hyundai engineering, the service center here at Tuttle-Click Hyundai.

The technicians in our service center are all trained and certified by Hyundai, to know the ins and outs of every Hyundai model. They can diagnose and repair problems with your vehicle quicker and more efficiently than your general, neighborhood mechanic, because they specialize on Hyundai.

Plus, we only use genuine Hyundai parts in all of the maintenance appointments in our service center, which means you know your vehicle is always getting exactly what it needs to run its best. After-market parts can break down quicker and need to be replaced more often, because they're not created by the same designers who crafted your vehicle.

Schedule your next appointment online and see how easy it is to take advantage of our in-depth automotive knowledge. We handle all types of service requests, from the routine oil change or tire rotation, to the occasional brake repair or replacement and tire replacements.

With online servicing and convenient weekend hours every Saturday until 5pm, we work hard to make getting your vehicle serviced work with your schedule.

Don't take chances with your vehicle's service. Let the Tuttle-Click Hyundai service center show you all of the ways we go above and beyond to make sure you get the maintenance your vehicle needs, with the highest standards of customer service you deserve.

Before you visit, be sure to click through our current specials on service before you visit and see if you can save even more on the service you need.

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