Spring Has Sprung, and It's the Ideal Time for Hyundai Service Here in Irvine, CA -- What's Recommended?

Whether you're a do-it-yourselfer or you plan to bring your new Hyundai car or SUV in for a visit, there's some important car care you'll need to take care of now that the warmer months are approaching. What it is can vary, as it depends in part on your mileage and the type of driving you do. But there are a few steps to take that are necessary regardless. Here's a little advice from the auto service experts here at Tuttle-Click Hyundai.

  • Change your motor oil and your engine's oil filter. This'll keep your engine functioning at optimal efficiency. If you leave behind oil spots or a slick when pulling out of a parking spot, however, you might have a crack or leak you'll need to patch up.
  • Check your fluid levels. That means everything from power steering, brake and transmission fluids to windshield washer solution and coolant. If they're low, top them off. If your owner's manual suggests a flush and replacement, feel free. Be aware: power steering, brake, and coolant systems are closed, so a low level can mean a leak somewhere. You'll want to find it and repair it.
  • Fix any windshield issues and replace your wiper blades. Chipped or cracked glass can, believe it or not, negatively affect everything from your airbag network and seatbelts to the stability of your roof during an accident, let alone how clear your view is. Wipers with tears, cracks, or that streak or squeak during use are often breaking down. Manage any repairs and changes post haste.
  • Check your electrical system and battery charge. The latter lasts about four to six years, running down or just plain quitting afterward without much warning. Test your voltage. If it's low or non-existent, swap out the old battery for a new one. Check your interior and exterior lighting while you're at it. Other electrical issues, if you're experiencing them, can range from a blown fuse to a dead bulb, and even more significant problems can come up where they're even more difficult to find. That's a job for a car service center.

There's even more you can do that's paramount, from checking your belts and hoses to examining your tires and more. Of course, if you'd prefer that a Hyundai service department like ours here in Irvine determine your needs and handle everything for you, we'll be glad to. Bring your vehicle to our professional car repair technicians here at 38 Auto Center Drive to get a full inspection, for starters. We'll then diagnose and fix any problems that we find. Plus, as we take care of business using only genuine Hyundai auto parts and accessories, you can rest assured the results will be top-quality.

Want to make a service appointment? You can use our convenient online scheduling tool, or, if you want to talk shop on auto repair, you can also give us a call. We look forward to helping you and your Hyundai get back on the road in no time!

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